Pretending all the way.


Apr 17, 2014
@ 8:25 pm

Call It

I reach out my hand hoping you’ll hold it in yours
The water looks cold but it’s jump in or fall
So I take a risk and bear you my soul
Allowing it all to sink into the cold
I hope that you’ll catch it, I hope that you’ll care
For every last scar and imperfection I bear
I hope that you’ll want me, I hope you’ll feel safe
I hope it’ll be clear by the look on your face
Part of it all, the good and the bad
Is fear you won’t fall or care what we had
I’m  hoping  it won’t all end out like before
The story so old we’ve all heard it before
I’m hoping this time that it’ll all end well
But I know with my record and the previous hell
That that’s not too likely we might have to admit
You should leave me to fall and just call it quits


Apr 17, 2014
@ 7:39 pm


I’ll leave, you’ll grow
Alone you’ll be strong
But when you come home
I’ll still be gone
And when your world crumbles
And your sky starts to fall
You’ll remember our fumble
And the night that I called

He’ll hold you tight
As debris hits the roof
But when he asks if you love him
You’ll tell him the truth
But I’ll always love you
And I remember the night
When the fumble first faltered 
And turned into a fight

My memories still crumble
As you fall away
With a last breath I mumble
Take me back to that day


Apr 17, 2014
@ 7:36 pm


I’m a casualty of life
Just collateral damage
In a vapid story line


Apr 16, 2014
@ 8:56 pm


Broken down into pieces 
I don’t know where to start 
You tore at my creases 
And broke me down into parts 

You can’t pick and choose pieces 
To find what you want to keep
Can’t just cut away weakness 
Keeping just what you need 

I will not be your Broken 
Like the rest on your shelves 
I will not lie here open 
As you take for yourself 


Apr 16, 2014
@ 8:46 pm

Dark Road

Every word that you say to me 
Every time you touch my skin 
Now it makes it hard to breathe 
Knowing we are still breaking 

We tried hard to keep it steady 
Did all we could to stay afloat 
But sometimes we’re just not ready 
And it’s our hearts that suffer most 

So I try to take it all in 
Every soon to be memory 
Going back to the beginning 
When you were you and I was me 

We just lost ourselves in transit 
And we lost sight of what love is 
It isn’t going how we’d planned it 
But at least we took the risk 

So maybe we’re still breaking 
And maybe we’ll die slow 
Just two more of loves forsaken 
At the end of the dark road 


Apr 16, 2014
@ 8:34 pm

If I Land

When you hold my hand 
You hold my heart 
And it beats for only you 
And if I land 
But fall apart 
It will be worth it just for you 


Apr 15, 2014
@ 8:33 pm

Brain/Word Doodle

I watch all the lights
In the dead of the night
As they move left to right
Dancing slow, side by side

I believe what I’m told
Of the lost and poor souls
Who have all left this world
Whether young,whether old

How those souls are the stars
That we like to call ours
Like the headlights of cars
Driving slow through the past

And they’re still looking down
Through the darkened grey clouds
They are always around
Keeping us safe and sound


Apr 15, 2014
@ 8:22 pm


I’m holding on to the fact you might hold out for me
When we first made the pact we were just seventeen

I never knew you were sad I never thought it was real
Thought the talks that we’d had were hypothetical still

But you woke up that day on the day that we’d planned
With one thought on your brain and the end in your hand

And you ended it all, in your room, in the dark
I still remember the call as it shattered my heart

Just like that you were gone, you were gone in a flash
I read all the signs wrong, you were gone just like that


Apr 15, 2014
@ 8:07 pm

Scratch Out

So you’ve been hollowed out
Since they’ve taken it all
Only left with the doubt
And your own padded walls

They have made you a shell
To fit in like the rest
As the world is repelled
Far away from progress

Don’t give into their tricks
And don’t fall for their lies
To become a gimmick
In consumerist life

Just scratch out of the cell
Live to learn, live to love
Allow yourself to repel
From a culture that’s fucked


Apr 12, 2014
@ 8:03 pm


Dead grass
Dripped gas
Smashed glass
Lights flash 

Tears fall
Cars crawl
Screams call
Blood pools

Clothes tear
Gasped air 
Clumped hair 
Dead stares 

Sun sets 
Lost bets 
Hearts fret 
Paid debts